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Finn the Goldfish

When I was young, I ate Goldfish crackers. When I was older, I enjoyed eating Goldfish crackers.

Finn is the main protagonist of Goldfish crackers commercials. He is yellowish orange. He has a tail. He has two eyes. He can float. He is small. He goes on various adventures. He appears on commercials and games. He is also the mascot of the Goldfish crackers. He has friends such as Xtreme, Gilbert, Brooke, Swimminnton and Coral.

What is it?: It is a small action figure. It's tail is moveable. It has eyes. It has a mouth.

Why did you built it?: I built this set because I wanted to make a goldfish model.

Why do you believe it would make a great set?: It would be a great set for kids to enjoy and collect. It will be on a polybag.

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