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Hello, Space Robot

👋 Say "Hello" to HELLO!

🙂 I am delighted to present you my new LEGO IDEAS project. Different from what I've done so far, but very close to my heart.

🤖 HELLO is the main character of the animated short film of the same name, telling his short adventure in space before he is forced to return to Earth because of a meteorite fall.

🛰️ HELLO is a communication satellite robot. Deployed in space, he plays ping-pong with our telephone conversations. Curious, he sometimes listens to these conversations, for better or for worse.

✨ Discover his story...

🚀 The LEGO version of HELLO is similar in every way to the original model: it is first composed of a yellow cube body, on the front of which some parts are movable, such as a small drawer allowing access to the electronic circuits.

🟨 To this cube, we must then add the head - rotating and tilting, and whose pupils are mobile - and the solar panels, also tilting.

💫 I built HELLO because I wanted to give shape to this robot that I love and that I find very touching. I almost wanted to hug him.

🌟 He carries a universal story: the cycle of life. With humor, fighting spirit and emotion.

💛 He is a magnificent character.

💪 For all these reasons, I think HELLO would be a great LEGO set.

📡 First, because of the story he tells via the short film it comes from, and second, because of its construction: it's an object with epic propositions that make it something out of the ordinary. The model has all the assets of playability, thanks to its modularity, its removable and mobile parts, and its exposability, because it is a beautiful robot whose colors make you happy.

❤️ It is the companion I would like to adopt, and I hope that the AFOL and the human - above all - that is in you will adopt it too.

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