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Prototype High-Maneuver Trooper HMT-01 "SELENE"

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It is a robot that I made for the first time.
I want a set so I had plenty of exterior parts of Bionicle,
and want you to commercialize these sets.

I have replaced all photos.
I have to add a weapon.
I reassembled the legs, the waist.

・Ion drive engine
・multipurpose Attitude control booster
・artificial muscle on frame
・Weapon rack at the waist

・High frequency wrist blade
・ion cannon
・10 micro-missile barrage&Small laser cannon
・ion blaster
・All weapons will be deformed into storage type
・Pilot is a hologram of a human or artificial intelligence.
・3d radar system

・The movable mono eye
・Shock absorber is moving to active
・Movable waist up, down, left, or right
・31 points to the movable joint
・Movable booster attitude control

Bionicle parts went into mass, hope the release a big set.
Thank you for seeing to the end!
I look forward to comment!

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