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Pursuit Vehicles


This set is dedicated to those in the film industry.  When a car is filmed for a movie or commercial special cars are used called Pursuit Vehicles.  These vehicles come in two main types.  Type one uses a Jib mounted on the car to film the target.  A Jib is a robotic arm with a video camera on the end; this is controled by a user to follow the car.  The second type is an exoskeleton on the car.  This is a much more fixed approach to filming.  The cameras are fixed in position around the car, the car then can drive and film all different angles at once.  The final vehicle is the target or car being filmed.  For the sake of this we are having a secret agent in his Energya three-wheeled vehicle.  

These vehicles are essential to the movie making industry, now they can be a part of Lego city.  These cars are all city scale so they fit in just fine making it easy to film any car chase you want.  The back of the film truck can even be modified to place an actual camera on for stop motion.  So start your engines here they come.

The set includes tow Pursuit Vehicles:

Jib mount


One Target Vehicle:

Energya three-wheeled vehicle

Five minifigures:

Two directors: Male and Female

One secret agent

Two camera men

Below are tow videos that show these modified cars in action.

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