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NASA Pioneering Rocketry:- The First Humans in Space


This project is dedicated to some of the pioneering rockets that first brought American astronauts into space. This project consists of 517 pieces, which make up four rockets scaled 1:110. These are the selection of rockets that come with this set:-

Mercury-Redstone:- The first rocket to place astronauts in space. It conducted 6 suborbital flights from 1960-61. Famous astronauts to fly on this rocket include Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, and Ham the chimpanzee.

Mercury-Atlas:- The first American rocket to place astronauts in orbit. It conducted flights from 1960-63. Famous astronauts to fly on this rocket included John Glenn, Malcolm Carpenter, Wally Schirra, and Gordo Cooper.

Gemini-Titan:- Used to develoup space techniques in preparation for the Apollo Program. Consists of two stages, along with a service module for the Gemini capsule. It conducted flights from 1961-66. Famous astronauts include Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Gus Grissom, Jim Lovell, and John Young.

Saturn IB:- Conducted early test flights for the Apollo Program before the completion of the Saturn V, and sent Apollo spacecraft to Skylab in the early 1970s. Consists of two stages, fairing, the Apollo command and service module, and an escape tower. It conducted flights from 1966-75. Famous astronauts include Pete Conrad and Alan Bean.

Ideally, this set would retail for around £35-40 ($50-55). It also contains 7 microfigures of astronauts to display by each rocket. Thanks for the support!

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