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Lego Micro City

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My idea is based on the micro figures from the Lego games. The theme is Micro City and its basically a city/town scaled around the micro figures. These cute little guys are a great size and unlike regular modular buildings and lego minifigures, you can fit much more in the same amount of space. I have gone one step further and fully furnished the interior of each building and just like the larger modular scale, each building can be separated so you can see each floor.
The possibilities are endless as to what you can build, but I decided to build a Police Station, Cafe with Apartment above, an Emporium/Gift Shop and a Memorial Statue underneath a tree. Ive even included a little car which fits 2 people.

The picture above shows the 4 different models which are removable from the 32x32 stud baseplate. The path/sidewalk is raised as in real life and I have added some traffic lights, a bench, bus stop and street light. There is also a red car which will hold x2 micro figures. Each model fits onto the studded area but can be its own individual model too.

The picture above Ive tried to show the inside of each model. As you can see all of them are fully furnished.
The Emporium features a counter with cash register and upstairs shelving and displays with items to buy.
The Cafe features indoor tables and chairs, counter with cash register, fridge, cooker and outdoor tables with umbrellas.
The Apartment features a bed with side table, kitchen area and dining area.
The Police Station features a reception area, filing cabinets and enquires desk with computer, upstairs has a jail cell and a photo ID/fingerprint area.

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