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The Hedgehog Idyll in Our Garden

Dear Community,

i designed a small Hedgehog Diorama for my Wife: "The Hedgehog Idyll in our garden".

Last winter we took a little Hedgehog into a box in our Basement to take care of, because the little animal was too weak to survive hibernating outside. My wife and our children took good care of "our" Hedgehog (our daughter named him "Pieks"), so that in the spring we were able to let him out into the beautiful, large garden alive and well ...

Since I find the Hedgehog in the are significantly underrepresented in the LEGO world, and they are severely endangered in the real world due to human habitation reduction, I think LEGO should at least put more hedgehogs back in 'your world' ;-)

Maybe a little one can LEGO sets also help to raise awareness for the protection and preservation of important natural habitats for hedgehogs (and other local wildlife anmimals).

I would be very happy if my little draft found many supporters. Thanks very much!

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