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Laputa: Castle in the Sky


The horizon spreading wide. Its brightness fills the sky. 

Studio Ghibli’s first movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky, inspired by Jonathan Swift’s book Gulliver’s Travels, introduced us to this mighty castle, levitating in the sky. The castle uses advanced steampunk-looking technology, closely integrated within elements of nature. 

The LEGO version is an accurate replica of the castle. From the inverted dome to the enormous treetop, each level displays different tricky techniques to put the parts together. The build contains a total of 173 pieces, including the transparent stand. 

The transparent stand allows you to easily attach and detach the castle. The trans-neon pieces represent the firepower of Laputa’s weapon of mass destruction, which was unleashed to demonstrate its destructive potential. 

“バルス”... After the spell of destruction is chanted, the designation of Laputa begins. The remnants of Laputa keep orbiting the Earth. The LEGO castle can be transformed into the collapsed version of Laputa, by separating the top section, that is connected to a single stud. 

The middle section can also be removed, in order to showcase the different build techniques that went into constructing the core. As seen in the picture displaying the modules, I included a blue transparent piece, as a reference to the aetherium crystal; the source of all the power in Laputa. 

Click the big blue button to support Laputa; the castle carrying you in the sky. 

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