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Vincent´s Pizza


What it is? Pizza restaurant or more precisely the relevant part of it, kitchen and takeaway window. All you need to play with even if you have just this model. 

I have built this pizza restaurant scenery to broaden LEGO city stories horizons. Roof is an obstacle when you want to play with the model, so no roof included. Chef, pizza boy and a restaurant owner/customer/hygiene inspector minifigures. Two pizzas and everything you need, you can find in the kitchen.

It is possible to make it of fewer bricks than I had to use. I worked with what I had (especially when considering the baseplates). Stickers are improvised but serve its purpose both for LEGO Ideas submission and for my son Vincent (and me).

The idea is that the restaurant looks different from the customer point of view and when looking to backstage (supported by double-sided head of the chef). How typical for many restaurants. It would be a nice LEGO (gastro) set which finds its place in your or your children’s city, and you will not have to pay a pretty penny for that. Not big, not expensive. But still you can make up and play a lot of stories, as my son and I do.

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