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Sugar Shack

The ground is half-muddy, half-snowy, the trees are still leafless, but the cold season is fading away.
Spring is here, and with it comes maple sugar time!

Forget the industrial sugar shacks, this one has all the elements that make the traditional ones so appealing and soothing, traditional garnments included.

- Snowshoes to collect maple sap
- A wood-burning stove to heat the peasoup
- Delicious maple tuffy on snow 
- A one horse sleigh to carry barrels or people
- A big outdoor fire to make maple syrup
- An appetizing sugar pie that crowns the ''repas de cabane''

While winter, summer and even automn are well present in the Lego line-up, spring, and particularly maple sugar time, is not. Therefore I think this could make a great set that encapsulates a particular moment of the year while bringing an old-timey feels to it.

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