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A Giant Shuttlecock

Impressed and inspired by the large aluminum + fiberglass shuttlecocks installed at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, KCMO, I designed this brick version.

The four museum shuttlecocks are claimed to be the world’s largest, with a height around 19 feet (5.8 m). The brick ones are of course not as big (h: 7 inches/18 cm), but they are still twice the dimensions of regular shuttlecocks in badminton games.

While normally a shuttlecock has 16 feathers, the museum version has 9, and in my design I clip 8 brick feathers (consists of wedge plates and technic tubes) to the base because this geometric layout is better compatible with the LEGO brick palette.

The original sculptures have 4 different standing positions. In this design I capture the one that is most elegant to me & is technically the most challenging one to imitate. You are also encouraged to design your unique base holder to make the other positions possible :)

This was submitted earlier this year. Now I have assembled it physically and have improved the structure, so that it is much more robust and easier to build. At this point, I'm ready to share this upgrade with all the brick addicts & badminton enthusiasts.

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