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Realistic Minifig Scale Vehicle Line (Example Land Rover & Roadster)

If anyone has requests for vehicles, comment :).



Added a British Roadster based on the Triump Spitfire, I'm not entirely happy with the light assembly so I'll try and find a more attractive method of doing it. However, it is hard to detail such small round pieces.
Original 2012/07/09

I saw the big Technic Land Rover Defender 110 on the front page and thought it would be fun to try and a build a small mini-figure scale one. As I was researching online to look for reference lego vehicles to modify, it occured to me that lego does not produce very many detailed minifigure scale off road vehicles or very many realistic minifigure scale vehicles for that matter (besides trucks) in my opinion.

While I realize that Lego does produce realistic vehicles that you can stick minifigures in such as the Blue Roadster (6913) and the current Offroad Power Pickup Truck (5893), they are obviously produced to a scale that doesn't look good with the normal mini figure scaled vehicles. So I think it would be cool to have some real world inspired/more realistic lego vehicles. Just imagine your city populated by distinct and realistic minifigure scaled cars!

And that's the story behind this CUUSO Project. I have included the example Land Rover inspired vehicle that I built in LDD and rendered in LD Viewer. It is slightly wider than 6 studs and should not look too monsterous compared to the existing line of Lego models. It can hold 3 minifigures (2 side by side in the front, 1 in the back) comfortably and 4 creatively. I would estimate the cost per kit based on my experience to be around 9.99-19.99 sold as small sets to augment existing Lego Themes.

If there is more interest, I will consider scrounging up the bricks to construct these in real life. Until then I'll be updating this page periodically with new vehicles. Suggestions and critiques are welcome.

British Roadster (based on Triumph Spitfire)

Land Rover

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