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Tiger 2D/3D ?


ANSWER: Both ! (Please see the other images.)

I've tried to recreate the effect of a 3D model coming out of a 2D image - in Lego. It works and was fun to design, I think it would look pretty good as a display model and would probably hang on the wall too.

To enhance the design, it is also supposed to be a tiger poking out through some long grass.

The mouth can be open or shut as it's hinged. The last image has been edited to show some dots just below the nose and some strips of white tubing, which could be used as whiskers in the few slots that are available.

There's a minifig bottom left for scale - it's pretty BIG (1250 pieces).

Possibly more of a fun proof of concept rather than a serious attempt at making a product, but let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

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