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"Monopoly" from LEGO represents probably the most popular family parlor game in a limitless creativity. The game is designed in the "Wonders of the World" edition and follows the same rules of the game. It is also easy to store the game.
The Monopoly game is 33.2 inches long and 33.2 inches wide and can be put away in just a few steps.

But first to the accessories:
2 dice
8 game pieces
16 event cards / 16 community cards (on white LEGO window panes)
Ownership cards (also on white Lego window panes)
34 houses
14 hotels
1 Monopoly figure
1 Monopoly trophy
35 $1 coins
20 $5 bills
25 $10 bills
20 $20 bills
20 $50 bills
50 $100 bills
25 $500 bills
The game follows the rules of the "Wonders of the World" edition. There are 2 money boxes for the player operating the bank. The event and community cards, as well as the money that goes into the center, can be placed on the marked spots.
The player's own money can be sorted into the sorting boxes located on the side.
Stow the LEGO Monopoly game in a few steps:
(Figure 5-12).
First, the money must be placed in the bank's money boxes. To do this, the flaps must be folded up, and the holders placed over the money. Then the money cassettes are placed in the center of the playing field.
After that, the cover elements above the hinges are taken away, and then placed in the center of the playing field and the sorting boxes.
The handles that serve as picture frames for the Monopoly figure are put aside for now.
Now both sides of the game board can be folded up.
Then all 4 sorting boxes can be folded down and secured to the opposite side of the board with the red retaining pins.
The last thing to do is to bring the two handles, which are placed to the side, together and connect them to the holders. And already mine has a handy case to stow away.
The rest of the accessories can be stored in a bag inside the case.
This LEGO "Monopoly" game offers the same fun as the original and allows for just as much stowability. The 3-dimensional sights make the game more lively.

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