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Medieval Farmhouse and Surroundings


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. . . . .Medieval Farmhouse and Surroundings

A LEGO medieval farmhouse with an emphasis on the house and its surrounding nature.

This build was inspired by the idea "medieval farm" that was suggested to me. I started building it from that idea and didn't stop until I made this.

It would make a perfect set because of its good-looking nature sections and also playful parts. It has something for everybody whether play or display.

This medieval farm has everything a farm might need. The house has a full interior with a fireplace, a bed, a table, and a barrel. I built it to look like its made out of stone with wooden supports. The roof has some plants growing on it.

The surroundings include a well, a waterwheel, a garden, a pig pen, some barrels with supplies, and more!

I made two Minifigures for this using standard LEGO parts.

Check out my YouTube Video for it here:

Length: 32 studs (25.6 cm) (10.08 in)
Width: 32 studs (25.6 cm) (10.08 in)
Height: 15 bricks (14.4 cm) (5.67 in)

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