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Anonymous Manned Mech

It is a medium size cool and flexible Manned Mech warrior constructed from my own inspiration.
There are many movable parts and joints on this mecha to assure its flexibility so that it can pose in many different positions.

It is a multifunctional warrior equipped with different weapons, including a knife, a lightsaber, a gun and a fighting hammer. The fighting hammer is created from the ancient Chinese war hammer. It also has a third arm equipped with a circular saw.

There are two canons on its shoulders to provide an extra firepower. Spurs are also installed on its legs, which can be used as decorations and weapons.

The missile on the back of the mecha is a ranged weapon, which can kill the enemy in a large area.
With the jet engine on the back, the mecha could be a self-propelled flying warrior. And this mecha also provides good protection for the driver inside.

I hope that this Manned Mech could be enjoyed by the LEGO kid fans in the future.

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