Product Idea |


It is a scorpion, it is not based on any specific species, but on a random one. Anyway the color combination is quite realistic and beautiful in a scorpion, just like the colors of a spider.

For the technical thing, the 8 legs on each side have the possibility of extending and contracting, but not moving sideways, it can only perform movements vertically.
On the other hand, the tail and its stinger have the same vertical movement, and it also has the facility of being able to move most of it, including the stinger itself.
The arms with the pincers have a better system, based on the Bionicle. Where they can exercise both vertical and horizontal movements. The tongs can be opened and closed.
As part of the detail, what would be some teeth and small arms were added, so that the scorpion grabs the food and brings it closer to its mouth.

One of the reasons to buy this SET will be the passion for animals or arachnids and/or collectors of these.
I built it as an inspiration for my future work, to be able to take small steps. And yes, it would be a very profitable sale, since the LEGO model is beautiful, has details and certain way has size.

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