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Episode 7 Speeder


This is the speeder as seen in the Star Wars Episode 7 trailer 1 teaser. In that part of the video, it is run by actress Daisy Ridley. What's confusing in there, is that in the starting close up of the speeder , we can see a hand weapon, maybe a light saber, and on the following view of the speeder leaving, the lightsaber is clearly not present.

On this rendering the speeder is based on a three-wheeled motorcycle part, and I have been trying to render most of the details and the overhall shape and feeling. Hope you'll like it.

The project is 104 bricks

You can download the LDD lxf and building instructions at

And fav the picture on Flickr at

The droid, on the picture is a render of the movie droid that could also be present in the set if it makes sense. The movie will tell.

Enjoy !



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