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The Police Office


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The Police Office is a modular building with 3 floors and a roof. It contains 3261 pieces (including the police car and the donut stand!). I built it because I thought that a Police Office would fit nicely into the modular buildings series of the Creator Expert.

The first floor is the lobby and it contains a nice floor pattern that fits into the theme!

The second floor is for the courtroom, the judge has just started to read the daily news.

The third floor is for the mini-prison cells - Yes, quite claustrophobic when you look at it!

The roof is inspired by the Brick Bank, but still presents itself unique from any other modular building!

I had to add the donut stand because, c'mon, we're talking about policemen!

If you like these kind of builds, you can also check out my previous project, ,,The Post Office''!

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