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LEGO Minifigures Chess


I made everyone favorite game using Lego.

This project is a piece of work that can easily be enjoyed by playing chess.


Chess pieces made of Lego minifigures on a chessboard in black and white.

I've expressed all the pieces of chess into mnifigures.

Each minifigures has its own individuality and characteristics.

You will be able to identify the chess pieces easily.

Rook and bishop's helmet was crafted directly.


Minifigures : King 2, Queen 2, Bishop 4, Knight 4, Rook 4, Pawn 16 


You can easily play chess with a cute minifigures and enjoy it.

The game itself is enjoyable and your eyes will be enjoyable.


If you like my work, please support me.

Thank you very much.

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