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Forest Ranger House


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Forest Ranger House

Far away across the Land, close to a faraway village there’s a special Forest Ranger House.

What’s so special about that house? You may ask.

Well, that Forest Ranger House as in front the Lake of the Light Purple Flowers, some little others huge, they grow up as tall as the people of the Land. Near the lake you have two ancient trees, that provides shelter to the house itself, hiding it from curious looks.

To get to the house you must go by foot, and with camping equipment. Why? Because it’s in the middle of the forest and you cannot reach it by car. We don’t want to destroy the forest, do we?

Inside the house you have a beautiful fireplace for cold days, 4 cupboards, 2 with doors and 2 with drawers, one chest to keep your things safe, a dining table, chairs, dishes, cups, bottles, a tray and 4 chandeliers to light up at night!

It’s a beautiful place to rest, to gain strengths, to regain piece of mind and calming your nerves. And that’s why the people of the Land love to go there and spend some days enjoying the beauty of the lake and the sounds of the forest!

I’ve made this project thinking in finding a place for myself to rest, to be in touch with nature and to regain strengths, and I remembered that here in my country we have some beautiful abandoned Forest Ranger’s Houses in our mountains that could be used this way.

It’s not difficult to build, has less than 1220 bricks, including 4 minifigures, forks, knifes and backpacks. It has 7 windows, one door and the respective key.

I think it can be a good collector add, and it can be also a part of any neighbour, mountain or forest set. And of course, as a single set it’s a beautiful one!

Hope you like it! :)

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