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Haas VF-20 F1 Car

The car is the Haas Formula 1 car from the 2020 season. The car was their 5th ever made by the team and would go on to finish ninth in the standings. The car is powered by a v6 turbo hybrid and utilizes complex aerodynamics to produce the most efficient downforce for the car. This is one of my favorite race cars ever made. The livery is very simplistic yet enjoyable. I had a lot of time to kill and I decided to make a variation of a car I had previously made. It would make a great set as the building experience is very similar to building the real car. From designing the front wing shape to shaping the bargeboards, I would use many design characteristics and have to develop multiple building styles to design the final car. The car makes a great display for the race fan and looks great on a shelf.

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