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Lego Friends Heartlake City Community Services Police Station


This is my idea for a Lego Friends police station. To better fit the spirit of Lego Friends, I have designed it without prison cells. Instead I am preposing a police station for the cops who don't arrest people and instead help out in their community. The characters included are Emma, a policeman with leaf-blower, a policewoman, and a receptionist with pen. The police station consists of 2 floors and a roof-top helipad. The top floor consists of a recreational room and a back-facing balcony. The bottom floor consists of a cafeteria, a reception, and a public bathroom. The recreational room contains a wall mounted TV, a sofa, a pot of flowers on a table and a rotating chair. The cafeteria consists of a table, a chair, 4 stools, 2 ovens, a cooling fan above the ovens and some drawers. The reception consists of 4 stools, a swivel-chair, and a desk with a computer and a stack of paper on it. The bathroom consists of a toilet with lifted seat and 2 part button, and a sink. The bathroom is too thin to fit characters in. I have also included a police car and police helicopter. The police car has a removable roof. The police helicopter has retractable rope, removable roof, and turning propeller and side propeller

I decided to create this model because I thought it would be intresting to do a community services police station. I think this would make a good set because police stations tend to be popular and this is a unique design of one.

This set contains multiple references to sets 3315 Olivia's house, 41095 Emma's house, 41135 Livi's pop star house, and 41314 Stephanie's house.

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