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Mini-ISS (Desktop Edition)


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It took years to built the real deal up there - it will take you just minutes down here.
But then you can spot it all day long even on cloudy days!

I present you: The INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION - Desktop Edition

It will come in the current layout during the time of production and offers three "docking ports" for spare modules on the display stand. So you can configure it the way you prefer it!

I propose to enclose:
- 3 Soyuz/Progress
- 1 ATV
- 1 HTV
- 1 Dragon X
- 1 Cygnus CRS Orb 
- 1 BEAM module

Needless to say, that the model is equipped with everything you love about the ISS, like:
- Solar arrays, rotatable
- Radiators, turnable
- Canadarm, moveable
- Cupola
- ELC/ESP modules
- AMS detector

This model is an upgraded version of my prior Mini-ISS model and proven in use more than 100 times on desktops (and flight consoles) around the world already. 

Fancy building it right now? Find the bill of material and building instructions here.

For those of you being disappointed that my big ISS model got rejected during the official review: 
Give this little cutie a shot! 
It does not only fit into a box, it even fits into a single bag!

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