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Sky Crane

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Need a lift?

Introducing my technic-style sky crane helicopter. These machines are an impressive sight to behold, with numerous capabilities and long service histories around the world. With two powerful jet engines and massive rotor blades, these helicopters are capable of hoisting nearly anything, from houses to thousands of gallons of water for firefighting. The chopper features spinning rotor and tail blades, landing gear, winch, locking hooks, engine and cockpit details, and a bright red paint scheme! When the rotor, is spun, the tail blade spins too, linked together through a simple drive shaft assembly. The chopper is based off of several sky crane prototypes, and features realistic details. The model is very robust and great for play, while its accuracy and detail also makes it a fantastic model for display. The cockpit has two seats and several levers and control sticks. The model also comes with a simple water bucket for fire fighting, as well as a container. Your support is greatly appreciated! Please share this build with friends and family to make this cool technic set become a real product!

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