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Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by construction and modelling. 
That's why I was excited to receive new Lego boxes for christmas or birthday. I loved to constructed them but i was more excited to use this new bricks for my own creations.

Passionated by nature, wildlife and wood constructions, I concretized this project about childhood dreams and travel. The idea was emerged during a unusual week-end with friends in treehouses, such as Robinson Crusoé.  

Project name: Treehouse
Story: It's a aventurers' family which rebuild their life after being lost. Using recovered materials, they adopted a tree as a new place to live.
Total parts: 2643
Creation time: about 600h
-3 aventurers' minifigures (man, woman, child)
-animals (cat, parrot, frog, spider)
-3 wooden cabins (2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom)
-detachable cabins clip-on tree and roofs clip-on cabins
-scale of treehouse respected compared to minifigures

Thanks for your support and comments :-)

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