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After being here for five+ years, I'd say there are 3 things that are really danish. Red hot dogs, hygge, and Olsenbanden (there is also strange weather, Matilde choco milk and car taxes).
This three guys are a Danish icon, every single Dane knows them, and they are in every single LEGOLAND Park. I could imagine this as a part of a collection, like Architecture, but not boring. Adult collectors, 16+ minimum, which would allow for more advanced techniques. The model as is is absolutley impossible in terms of building, buildinginstructions, and it features zero values that mark LEGO as an outstanding product. It doesn't fit minifigures, wheels don't spin, tons of strange connections, zero staibility and it uses out of production elements, aswell as it explores boundaries of element measurments to make impossible connections possible. It requires new elements and lots of work to become reality, and even more to make a satisfactory product, and a great building experience.
Additional images can be viewed at Brickshelf and Flickr, by entering my Nickname in the search field.

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