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LEGO Beast Quest: Marauder's Island


Hi! This is my new LEGO Ideas project!
It represents an area taken from the video game "Beast Quest", in its turn, taken from the eponymous book. I'm talking about the Marauder's Island; the model includes the broken bridge, Frostwind river, two caves connecting, a bird, and six minifigures: Tom, the boy-knight and protagonist, the magician Aduro, Elenna, which is an ally of Tom, Brendan, chief of a village, and two Ice Marauders with two swords and two daggers.I think that the time has come to clarify something about the history of "Beast Quest" to better understand what represents my set.
In Beast Quest, the King of Avantia, a kingdom in which the events take place, he entrusts a mission to a boy, Tom: the six Beasts that protect the kingdom were seduced by Dark Magic, the work of the evil sorcerer Malvel. Aduro is the magician, which provides Tom with the means necessary to accomplish his mission.Of these Beasts, only three represent the three great "worlds" in the video game: Sepron, the sea serpent; Epos, l'bird fire; Nanook, the giant of the snows. My model represents an area taken from the world of Nanook, in which it is to get to the lair of the Beast you need to defeat a Krazbal, the head of the Ice Marauders. The set also retains a function of the video game. In the game, entering in a cave, you arrive in a hidden place accessible only through the cave. Well, in my model, the caverns are inter-connected! Inside is a platform that, by pulling and turning the bird over the mountain, reach the other cave. Then there are two rabbits, which in the game leave a trail of coins. There are also two blue mushrooms, which in the games increase the amount of free lives and serve to make the magic potion. This set is composed by 704 pieces. Thanks for your eventual support!

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