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Bakery And Apartment


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First of all to start off, the cake logo is my own. It’s from when I actually ran a cake decorating business out of my home. 

The reason I decided to make this is because I really wanted a bakery to go with my Lego building. I think it will lend itself well as an addition to any builders city or even just as a stand alone piece. 

Bottom floor is the bakery with a large refrigerator to store your cakes and cupcakes, a stove to bake your treats in and a sink to clean up your messes. 

There is a case covered in a glass piece to display your cupcakes or cakes so the customers can see them easily. There’s a large wedding cake on display in the window and a cupcake carousel. You’ll find a beverage station for your tea and coffee needs and a cashier to pay for your goodies. 

Outside you’ll find a bench to relax on under a nice shade tree and a fountain to toss a coin and make a wish. 

On the side there is a staircase that leads up to the second floor where you will find a lovely one bedroom apartment decorated in an artistic abstract style. 

Apartment features, there is a couch, two seater table for dining, a larger flatscreen tv, a desk for your letter writing or bill paying needs. In the bedroom you will find a bed with a funky quilt, side table with lamp and a wardrobe for your clothing. 

Figures, outside there is a delivery man with handcart and flour, police officers, man at fountain making a wish, young guy sitting on the bench. Inside bakery is a baker and a cashier. Apartment had a young lady.

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