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Falcon Castle(falcon Fortress)

Small but strong fortress, Falcon Castle

It seems like an attractive building that reflects the times well because various facilities such as a castle and modern buildings need to be gathered in one place. It is not a huge regular castle, but I wanted to make a small but strong and fleshly castle.
It was divided into external and internal parts just like real castles. The outer fortress consists of a fortress wall and two watchtowers. The main gate is small compared to the size of the castle. However, there is another stone gate behind this gate, so it is not easily destroyed. The stone gate is movable, so leave it open normally. The height is not so high to protect the resistance and buy time.
The fortress contains basic weapons, food, and wells. The entrance to the fortress is a steel gate and a deep entrance, so even if an enemy invades, you can attack from the tower next to it.

On the first floor, there is accommodation, a well, and cooking. Of course, weapons are everywhere.
You can move from the inner castle to the outer castle through the wall.
There is a small secret door so in case of an emergency...

It is a four-story building with a three-story watchtower. The watchtower has a ladder that goes up, so you can spot enemies from afar.
Total 2829 blocks, 14 minifigures.

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