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City TeleVision Building


Since I bought my first Lego City Set,I really liked to see in my collection a Television Building.
Meanwhile,I created a my custom TV building.

This creation is inspired to the classic Lego City building,in fact,it's opened in two sides for playing without disassemble the set.

This building includes three floors:

- the Ground Floor includes the hall,with three seats for visitors,some flowers,a desktop for the secretary with a PC and a telephone; and it includes an office for the technical, and this room works as warehouse for his tools and as Relax Room for the employer,because it includes two chairs and a coffee machine. From this room you can go on the garage roof,where you can take off with the TV helicopter. (it's why there are two helmets);

-the First Floor includes an office for the make up artist and a studio for doing cooking programmes.
In the office you can find seven wigs,a desk with a mirror,an hair dryer,a brush,a lipstick,a mascara,two perfumes and a mobile phone.
In the studio you can find two cameras,a spotlight,two desktop with pies,pizzas,glasses and bottles,two ovens,two burners with two pans and two pots,two pipe extinguisher,a clock and a cup for the winner.

- The Second Floor has got two studios:one for the news and one prepared for a talk show. In the news studio there is a monitor,a newspaper,a spotlight,a camera and a post for the journalist.
In the other studio there are two spotlights,two cameras,a plant,two swivel chairs,a little table,a desktop with a bottle of water and two mugs.

- The Garage is the park for the news van. Above there is the helicopter park.


- The Roof has got one rotatable antenna,two big antennas,a medium and a small ones. There are position lights too for locate the building during the night when the helicopter is landing/take off.

- The Small Garden enclose the building. There is a sidewalk,two coloured garbage bins,a mouse,a letter box,a bench,five street lamps,a bush,some flowers and four sewer covers.

The set includes two vehicles too:

- the News Van has got two seats,one camera outside and one inside,a walkie-talkie,a microphone,a mug and a rotatable antenna;

- the Helicopter has got a microphone,two cameras (one inside and one outside) and he can transport only two minifigures.

The set includes six minifigures. In order they are:the secretary,the makeup artist,the journalist,the reporter,the cameraman and the technical.

For recapitulate,there are six cinema's cameras,four normal cameras,two microphones,five mugs,four tools,three bottles,four cooking stuffs,four foods,four makeup tools,two perfumes,five monitors,one coffee machine,one water vending machine,two helmets,three wigs,two caps,one mask,two helmet,four spotlights,two pipes extinguisher,two garbage bins,five street lights,a bench,eight flowers,a telephone,a mobile phone a postbox and five antennas.

I think that the set should have some stickers,so I created someone;but i think that more stickers could improve the model,maybe someone on the helicopter tail and someone for recognize the studios (maybe with numbers).

This set will contains 975 bricks.
P.S.: For a programming problem,one transparent lamella of the rolling gate (piece #4218 Colour:43 - Tr. Blue of LDD) is missing.