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Old Police Station


The Police Station has 3 stories and a roof.

  • First Floor - This is where the police Chief's office is. Next to his office is a suitcase holder and a coffee maker. Also located on the first floor is a door into the garage.
  • Second Floor - The police have to keep an eye on the crooks. This is where the police watch security feed and locate suspicious activity.
  • Third Floor - This is where crooks are placed after being caught. On the third floor is an interrogation room, a cell, and a room to take a photo of the crook.
  • Roof - On the roof is a heli-pad for the helicopter to land on. The roof also has an alarm in case a crook escapes.

The Station has 13 minifigs and 2 dogs.

  • Chief - The Chief is the leader of the police squad.
  • Interrogation Officer - The interrogation officer questions the crooks on the third floor.
  • 3 Security Officers - The security officers watch the computer moniters.
  • Helicopter Operater - The heli-operater flies the helicpoter.
  • Police Car Driver - This guy chases people and gives them speeding tickets. He can also arrest crooks.
  • Motorcycle Drvier - The motercycle driver keeps an eye out in the local area for criminal activity. Once he spots something, he alerts the station then chases after it.
  • Crook #1 - This crook has already been captured and is wearing handcuffs.
  • Crook #2 - This crook is still on the run and is carrying money, gems, and gold.
  • Painter - If you haven't noticed, the station needs a new paint job. The painter has just finished painting the first floor.
  • Mailman - This guy delivers mail on his red scooter.
  • Hot Dog Vendor - The police need food! The hot dog vendor sells hot dogs to the hungry police.

I hope you like it!

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