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Neo Vintage Hot Rod

My vision of a gentleman's hot rod. 
I built this model, firstly because I wanted to see if I could, and secondly because I can’t remember ay large-scale sets of non-Technic classic “hot rod” type cars.
As such, I based the model off the classic 50's speeders and coups, plus a little modern touches here and there.
Although not a replica of any real car, the biggest inspiration for the overall look was the Holden Efijy; hence the long curving boot.
My biggest focus during the construction was keeping it as smooth and curvy as possible; similar to the genre cars which it is based on.
This is never easy with LEGO, and it took quite a lot of effort finding all the needed non-studded parts.
Manual steering has been integrated through an underlying axle that goes through the entire build and ends with a steering gear at the end.
This feature makes the model playable and not just for display.
If you prefer a completely sleek look and want to simply display the model, the steering gear at the back can be replaced with a standard 1-by-3 black slope.

Hope you like it.

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