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1970 Olds 442 Convertible

This isn't your grandma's Oldsmobile!

      The 1970 Olds 442 was one of the most powerful muscle cars of its time.  Comfortable enough to drive to work every day but still fast enough to win drag races on the weekend, it quickly became an iconic American muscle car.  I built this model to share the 442 with other people and also to have fun building a model of one of my favorite cars.  It would make an awesome set because it has a great balance between scale detail and durability, making it perfect for both display and play! 

Brief History:
      When displacement bans were released in 1970, Oldsmobile made their 455 "Rocket" V-8 engine standard on all 442's.  With the addition of the W-30 performance package, 442's cranked out 370 horsepower and over 500 lb-ft of torque!  W-30 cars could run the quarter mile in under 14 seconds at well over 100 mph, no small feat for a 2-ton car.

-  Crash-test proven durability*
-  Opening doors, trunk, and hood
-  Removable convertible top
-  Black car has steering that locks in the middle position for easier play
-  Detailed 455 Rocket V-8 engine and interior
-  Chrome trim and movable chrome shifter
-  Red car has optional W-30 striping package

Model specs:

Length: 330 mm

Width: 128 mm

Height: 93 mm

     *I've thoroughly crash-tested both models to meet a very high standard of durability.  Tests included a rollover test, side impact test, front impact test, frontal offset test, and rear impact test.  I also ran the cars off a ramp and dropped them from a height of 30 cm to ensure the durability of the undercarriage.

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