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Royal Residence

This is an 18th century-style farmhouse, one which could very much have been owned by an esteemed duke or duchess, or served as a royal residence for a monarch or prince regent. This is an era where the dangers of travelling were high, as one was likely to be confronted by villainous highwaymen.

I believe that this would make a great set as LEGO is no stranger to historical themes, yet this era has been shown little attention outside of the Pirates theme. Several interesting building techniques are used here, such as the use of 1x1 cylinders and 1x3 bricks to create a rounded tower wall. The chiselled lion head bricks also make a return, some of which are at angles. Also included is a horse and carriage, with opening doors and inside seating.

8 minifigures are pitched to go with the set: two highwaymen (one male, one female), a butler, a maid, a prince, an admiral, a noblewoman and a cab driver.

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