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Cozy Hairdresser in an Apartment

My name is Toke Birk Christensen "Tbc2008" and i was 13 years old when i built this set with my 13 year old friend Alexander Berg Puggaard "WehrabooSlayer" ( last summer.

We wanted the set to look like a late 19th century european appartment building, and we think that we have achieved what we were aiming for.

Description of the set:
Give your minifigures a great place to live, with fully decorated interior and exterior, and with three floors to explore.
On the ground floor is a hairdresser along with a staircase that leads up to the first floor.
On the first floor you will find a cozy appartment with a kichen, a living room, and a bedroom. You will also find a stair that leads up to the second floor, wich is underneeth the roof. The floors are fully modular, and the sides has pins, in order to be compatible with already existing LEGO Creator Expert sets.

The lego set has 1991 parts including 3 lego minifigures.

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