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Island Getaway

Island Getaway: The minifigure here needed a getaway, and he found one on this small little island. I built this set because I haven't seen anything like this before and thought it would be a cool build. This build is a shack that was built by the minifigure here by the seaside and by the mountains. I didn't want it to be very large, so it's a mini island.

My goal is to hit 1,000 supporters, of course I wouldn't say "no" to 10,000, I just don't expect to get there! =) I've been trying to get better and better, building sets, so help me by commenting what I did good and what I could do better. Please consider supporting this set and look at my profile at my other sets and consider supporting those. If you like what I build, please consider following me. Have a wonderful day and thank you!

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