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Food Truck Festival


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>>It's free to support so please hit that support button! Even if your favorite food cuisine isn't there, I plan to make many more of these food trucks with your support!<<
For this project, I wanted to recognize the diversity of different foods from around the world. This set contains a Chinese food truck (Noodle Fest), an American food truck (Ed's Grill), and a Mexican food truck (The Salsa Shack). Each truck has a different design and a brick-built model of the food it sells.
For Noodle Fest, I made a big ramen bowl with a dumpling on top. This food truck has sliding windows and a pickup spot at one end. Inside the truck, you can see accurate cooking equipment used to make the food. Noodle Fest is run by a mom and her son.
For Ed’s Grill, I decided to make a separate truck that pulls a trailer where the food is made. You can picture this as a food stand on wheels. On the inside, there is a coffee maker, a grill, a blender, and more. This build was meant to look like a chain company, with hired employees.
Finally, we have the Salsa Shack. The Salsa Shack is a quintessentially designed food truck. An awning covers the window where you can place and pick up your food order. Inside the food truck is a fridge, a grill, and a table for customizing tacos. I made this food truck a husband-wife operation and even gave them matching Salsa Shack t-shirts!
Overall this build has:
1790 pieces
14 Minifigures
8 brick-built food models
Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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