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The Gates of the Village Under the Seasons

Halt! Who is there?" said the guard.
Hello ! I am a carrot merchant!I have a delivery for the Tavern and Market! " She replied.
Ho, hello! Open the doors! And welcome to the Village under the Snow!

Welcome to you too! Are you also coming to the gates of The Gates of the Village Under The Seasons? Would you like to enter and discover its residents?
You will have to show your credentials first! The Captain and his knights are watching you from the walls!
In their garrison, they are always on the alert. They search thoroughly all the people and goods coming through the gate!
If you pass the guard, then you can meet her! Isn't she beautiful? The Captain's daughter is a future knight! She trains every day to match her father!
By the way, if you want to meet the captain, you will find him in his office! The little house on the wall!
So there you are! Step through the gates and welcome to the Village under the Snow!  

The Gates of the Village Under The Seasons is a set with approximately 2600 bricks and include 7 minifigures. The set is modular, and also parts open up, such as the guardroom, the captain's office and the walls.
 It could be a sublime piece for a fan of knights and castle, but also for all lovers of charming buildings!

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Thank you very much for supporting me in this project!
I hope you will have as much fun playing with it, as I enjoyed making it.
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