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Bionicle: The Return - Dark Hunter Gavolo

First of all, I would like to mention that I have been writing a chapter for each Bionicle set I've been creating. You will find them at the bottom of each set. There will also be a link of the first chapter and the previous chapter before each story, and a link to the next chapter at the bottom. Please inform me of what you think of the series.

Now, onto the project. This here is Gavolo, a Dark Hunter hired by the Shadowed One after Mata Nui's exile from the Matoran Universe. He was originally a Toa of Earth, but went into hiding when it was discovered that Makuta Teridax had taken over the Universe.

When it was discovered that Teridax was still alive, the Dark Hunters returned to seek revenge and justice for the death of Nidhiki and Krekka. On one of his missions to Metru Nui, where Rahkshi and Vahki were holding both Matoran and Toa, he came into contact with his old team. Telling them of the Dark Hunter's plan to free them, the mission was a success. But, as he had signed up to be a Dark Hunter, Gavolo had to turn down his brothers' offer to return.

Three weeks later, during a battle to conquer a Makuta Lab filled with experimental Rahkshi, he came into contact with a Protodermis Rahkshi. The Rahkshi was unstable, and lost control of its power. The Protodermis melded the two victims together. Though his mind survived, he was badly scarred on the left side of his face, and his body slightly mutated. He also gained partial control over Protodermis, and as compensation for his suffering, the Shadowed One game him a dual-energy crossbow, and gave him the rank Lieutenant.

Now, he is a General in a rebuilding army of Dark Hunters. However, no one knows their intentions. Most of his enemies are dead, as they constantly are insulting him about his disfigurement. No one doubts that he can put up his own.

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Bionicle Chapter 4: Memories

Female: Trisa! Wait up, honey!

A little girl was running across a field on the planet of Orbala, near the Allied Countries’ command center. Calling out to her was her mother. The grass was a bright red, and the summer sun was up in the sky. Hidden in the grass were bright green and yellow flowers of many kinds.

Trisa’s father was in a meeting with the Representatives of every Allied country. Apparently one of the other nations is threatening nuclear war, whatever that is. Trisa’s mother stayed to watch over her as the meeting was in session, and they planned on going to the park afterwards.

Mother: Trisa, five more minutes.

Trisa: Yes, mother.

Trisa had been gathering her mother’s favorite flowers. She was planning on making the best bouquet that her mother has ever seen.

Fifteen flowers later, her mother called her back. But before she turned around, she noticed someone standing about thirty yards away. As she stared at him, he seemed to grow bigger in size. A shadow seemed to reach out to her. He beckoned to her, as if wanting her to come to him. But she felt as if a shadow had blocked out all of the sun’s light.

Mother: Trisa, come on now, time to go. Trisa? Trisa!

Again, the figure beckoned to her. Suddenly, the scene changed. Around her was a wasted land, decaying from radiation and erosion. There was no life to be seen, no breath heard but her own. Suddenly, the figure stepped out of the shadows, and slowly began to walk to her. She couldn’t explain it, but she suddenly felt as if a sword that had been frozen for years had pierced her chest. She couldn’t move, and the figure continued to step closer to her. And closer. And closer.

Suddenly, he reached out his hand and grabbed her heart.


Unknown: ARRRRRH!

She sat up as fast as she could, shaking the ground and crushing the trees next to her. She sat there, panting, and then stood up and walked out of the woods.

The dreams have been more frequent. She keeps on seeing what the past was like, but with a slight change: the Shadow.

She has no other way to describe it. It doesn’t seem to be Orbalan, or even made by the Great Beings. But its presence is indeed cold.

What is it? And what does it want?


After Takanuva had left to go find Pohatu, Vakama told Tahu to lead a research party, with a militia of thirty Glatorian and Toa, to go study the crash site. After much gruesome traveling, they eventually made it, with no sign of the Unknown.

The crater was about a mile wide, and melted, torn, burnt metal was all over.

Tahu: Look at this! This thing must’ve been huge.

Gali: I don’t think I’ll consider anything huge until I see something bigger than the Titans.

Lesovikk: Mata Nui and Teridax sure were a sight to behold. But, I must agree with Tahu. Whatever this was, it was much bigger than us. Probably thousands of times bigger.

Suddenly a figure came up out of the wreck.

Hewkii: About time! What have you guys been doing, chasing Bohrok?!

Tahu: Worse.

Hewkii: Rahkshi?

Gali: You don’t want to know.

Hewkii stood there as the research crew moved in. Evidently, he couldn’t picture a worse threat then Rahkshi after so many years.

Tahu: Have you had any luck by yourself?

Hewkii: This alloy is not like anything I’ve ever seen before. It withstood every gravitational force I did on it, even a micro black hole. But it is so light weight, it’s like aluminum.

The research leader came up.

Researcher: He’s right. This material is not like anything on Spherus Magna. But, we did find an air tank.

Tahu: What kind of air?

Researcher: Same kind as what is here on Spherus Magna. However, our electric researcher, Toa Klahda, detected a mysterious energy reading. He had us pull back, so it doesn’t affect us, but he is absorbing it for a bit of research.

Tahu: Tell him to be careful.

The researcher went back to the wreckage. Hewkii looked at Tahu.

Hewkii: Whatever this threat is, are there more?

Tahu shook his head.

Tahu: Not as far as we know. Besides, I don’t think that is why this vehicle was so huge.

Hewkii: What do you think?

Tahu: I think… that it came from another world. One far away.

Hewkii: That’s absurd.

Tahu: The Glatorian used to think so. Then Mata Nui came, and proved them wrong.

Hewkii: But we came from here.

Tahu: And we travelled across the universes. Couldn’t we have passed another species?

Hewkii looked at the ground as he contemplated over Tahu’s words. He wouldn’t answer.


Two Skrall were standing in front of a tunnel entrance in the side of a mountain, far away from the Toa. Inside, they could here explosions, and clanging echoed throughout the tunnels.

Suddenly, a sound was made that did not match. The crunch of stone… in front of them.

Skrall guard 1: Who’s there? Show yourself!

Suddenly, a large figure jumped down from above them, and unarmed them. Just as quickly, it jumped back, and stood staring at them.

Titan (female): Here I am.

Skrall guard 2: Who are you, and what do you want?

Titan: What I want is to meet your leader. Who I am… well, that is a good question. One which I am… unable to give to you. But, you may call me the Unknown.

One of the Skrall went inside, while the other stood watch over her. He knew he would be no match for her, and yet she stood there. She definitely had the strength and speed to kill him, maybe even a hundred Skrall. And that whip looks like it is strong enough to destroy anything.

Suddenly, the “whip” swung to the side. The Skrall froze in place, as his companion came back out.

Skrall guard 1: The Shadowed one will see you now.

As the Unknown walked in, the second Skrall couldn’t help but look at the tail.


Unknown: So, will you fight alongside me?

The Unknown had just offered the Shadowed One a chance to fight with her against the Toa, and declare war on the Great Beings. The Shadowed one was sitting on his throne, stroking his chin.

Shadowed One: We would need time to consider your offer. After all, we can’t just rush in to every offer we get. What’s in it for us?

Unknown: Spherus Magna.

Shadowed: A large reward. And a larger claim. Can you back it up?

The Unknown stood up, and took out her sword. All the Dark Hunters drew their weapons, but the Shadowed One waved them down. As they lowered their weapons, the Unknown swung her weapon through a Maxilos. Suddenly, its power died down, and a dark substances covered it from the chest to the rest of the body. What she failed to notice was that the Shadowed One clenched his hands hard when she did this.

Unknown: Well?

Shadowed: Impressive. But, as I said, we must think this over. Silencer, could you lead our guest outside to wait for our word.

A Dark Hunter came out, and beckoned her to follow him. The Shadowed One watched until the doors closed.

Shadowed: You’re right. She has come to destroy us.

A figure stepped out of the shadows.

Angonce: But not immediately. She doesn’t see you as a threat, as you are considered an enemy of the Toa. But it is my people that she is here for.

Shadowed: You Great Beings definitely got yourselves in a fix.

Angonce: What are you going to do?

Shadowed: You are now considered as our greatest friend. We won’t turn you in.

Angonce: So you’ll listen to me?

Shadowed: I never thought your stories of another world were real. I thought you were exaggerating, that the Orbalans were here, on Spherus Magna. I agreed with you that we must prepare for their coming. But this I did not expect. One lone warrior, with power greater than any Toa that ever existed.

Angonce: So?

Shadowed: Yes, we’ll do as you say. But we mustn’t show our true colors, yet. She’s too powerful.

Angonce: Understood.

Angonce then walked back to the shadows he was hiding in. The Shadowed one nodded, and the doors were opened again. The Unknown walked in, with Silencer behind her.

Unknown: Well?

Shadowed: I appreciate your offer, but I’m afraid we must decline. We have no… major fude with the Toa.

Unknown: But what about power? Conquest?

Shadowed: We don’t seek either of those. However, if you do well, we… might reconsider your offer.

Unknown: As you wish.

She then walked out of the cavern, and out of the mountain.


The Unknown was a few miles away from the mountain when she looked back. She had a feeling that they knew she wouldn’t keep her side of the deal. But, she would deal with them later.

Male: So, I take it the meeting didn’t go well.

The Unknown drew her weapon, and stabbed, only to solidify a tied up Agori prisoner.

Male: Hey! That was my cook!

The Unknown looked to her left to see a figure trying to start a fire.

Male: A nice bit of Graalok, and now no one to cook it for me. Well, it’s burnt Graalok for dinner.

Unknown: And who might you be?

Male: People call me Tyrant.

Tyrant picked up a chunck of meat, and placed it over the fire.

Unknown: What do you want?

Tyrant smiled.

Tyrant: Why, revenge. The Shadowed One had my team try to kill me for attempting to take his place as leader. But, I escaped. Now, I ask you: You want an army?

The Unknown smiled a colder smile.

Unknown: You got one?

Tyrant: No, but I know where we can start.

The Unknown sat down next to him.

Unknown: Never had Graalok before. Can I have some?

Tyrant: The rest is behind that sand hill… master.


Thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions as to how I can improve my story, or ideas that I can throw in, I'd be happy to listen.

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