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Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus: Uprising is a game for the Nintendo 3DS about an young angel called Pit and his fight against the underworld army and other threats. Always watching over him and helping where she can is Palutena, the goddess of light
It is a great game full of memorable characters and witty dialogue. The constant banter between them gives them so much personality and really makes them grow on you, even the antagonists.

And because I like these characters so much, I would love to see them in LEGO form and I think there are possibilities for great playsets.

Here we have from left to right:
-Medusa, leader of the underworld forces
-Pit, the hero
-Palutena, goddess of light
-Dark Pit, Pit's (not so) evil clone
-and Hades, the cruel yet hilarious god of the underworld

Here are some enemies: A Monoeye, a Reaper, a Mik and the three-headed Hewdraw.
On a personal note, I really love how the colorscheme of Hewdraw turned out.

This is Pit equiped with the Three Sacred Treasures
To his left and right are a Palutena Blade and a Palutena Bow.
On the bottom we have:
-Viridi, goddess of nature
-Pandora, goddess of calamity
-Phosphora, one of Viridi's commanders
-and Magnus, a brave human fighting alongside Pit against the evil forces

Here's Phosphora and a miniature of the Thundercloud-Temple.


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