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Shaun the Sheep


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based on the British stop-motion series i have created this litle pice. It consistes of Shaun, Bitzer, Shirley, Timmy, Timmys Mother and the Farmer.

The Farmer and Bitzer is build on the concept of brickheadz, which make them easy to build and verry stable in handling. 

the sheep is build out of the idea of a creator sheep, and the focus was on getting them to look wright and at the same time beeing easy to build and stable.

The Lego idea is to make 4 small sets at the same price as brick heads. One ser with the farmer, one with Bitzer, one with Timmy and his mother and one with Shaun and Shirley.

I had a lot of fun building them while watching the series, hope you will enjoy it to.

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