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Star destroyer class- Starfighter


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The new Star destroyer class-Starfighter is a multirole strike starfighter manufactured by Kuat Shipyards after the clone wars. It is a rival of Delta-7, Delta-7B and the Eta-2 Jedi starfighter.

The ship is inspired by the stardestroyer starfighter from The Star Wars rough draft comic I read about. And I would love to see my creation in the new Star Wars Rebels show.

Here is the cockpit for the starfighter, and as you can see the Star Destroyer class-starfighter has 4 ultra laser blaster cannons, Also manufactured by Kuat. It is equipped with a super targeting computer, so the pilot can easily lock on targets. without missing a shot.

The Ultra lazer cannon is a powerful weapon manufactured by Sienar Design Systems. The new ultra cannon was designed to be more powerful than any ordinary lazer cannons. The powerful cannons can take out a freighter and a starfighter with a single shot.

Here are 3 engines of the starfighter, the engines are called XZ-900 Omega Thrusters, they were designed to make this starfighter to have hyperspace capabilities. The XZ-900 Omega Thrusters were manufactured by Kuat .

Here is the undercarriage of the starfighter, you can see it is also equipped with heat seeking missiles. The heat seeking missiles are called DF-123 Shrieker heat seeking missiles, they were manufactured by Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc

And it comes with 4 mini figures. (2 imperial officers, 2 imperial stormtroopers, and 1 imperial starfighter pilot.

I hope it would bee a new Lego set for the new Lego Star Wars Rebels. I hope you like it.

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