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The Beehive


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Bees are an important part of our ecosystem, without them nature would dramatically decline. This entry is not only a fun way to own an interactive LEGO beehive but also raises awareness and appreciation for bees. I made this set because of my love for bees. I also think my idea would make for a fun LEGO set because of its playability and functionality.

The Beehive can be opened to reveal the bees inside, where they are surrounded by honey. You will notice this golden honey throughout the hive, represented by 1x1 round plates in transparent yellow. There is also a Queen Bee, made noticeable by her blue coloration. She is in her own area where she is producing eggs. Each bee can be removed and placed to your liking. This set also features a flower pot and a jar of honey. This entry is made up of 1035 parts. 

The three bees at the top of the beehive can be spun smoothly by hand with the spinner, just by doing a simple twisting motion. The hive can be opened and closed to reveal the bees and the inner workings. Inside, two bees can be spun using the respective knobs on the exterior.

Model made with Mecabricks.

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