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LEGO Opera House


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This LEGO Opera House features everything you need to tune up your LEGO City!

Buy your tickets at the entrance and move on to your seats. Most seats are placed at the ground floor but there are also some boxes located at the upper level. Upstairs, you can also enjoy a drink at the bar before the opera begins.
In front of the stage you can see the orchestra pit and there's a stage design with a moonlight setting and two actors in a "Don Giovanni"-style scene onstage.

The roof and the different levels can be taken off to get a better look into the opera house (unfortunately, the upper floor could not be tiled due to the part limit).

All sides of the building are closed to give it a nice look from all around if you want to put it in your very own LEGO Town.
If you don't want to present the building this way, or you don't have enough depth on your shelf to present it closed, you can disconnect the two halves of the main building and reconnect them at each side of the entrance hall. In addition, you can change the shape of the roof of the building's front part, to make the roof look complete in this shape, too. All parts needed for this reconstruction are already contained in the closed-shape roof of the front part.

After the reconstruction, the opera house is much wider and has an open backside that can also be used to play inside. This is also the perfect way to present it on a shelf, or integrate it into your LEGO Town in a different shape if you don't mind about the open backside.

(The Opera House consists of 2996 parts.)

Support my idea and share it with your friends, if you want this building to become a real LEGO Set!
Thank you for your support! :)

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