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1980's Tow Truck

This is a 1980's tow truck. It is inspired by many different designs and models. It was quite common to covert a pickup chassis and cab into a tow truck. There were aftermarket modifications, and versions anyone could buy. This truck is intended to be a official version.

This tow truck has working, motorized functions:
Raising vehicle pick-up,
Rotating vehicle pick-up.
All these functions are motorized, apart from the rotating vehicle pick-up, and can be controlled using a controller. The vehicle pick-up can allow a motorized car to be lifted up and be towed. The rotating pick-up is important to allow the tow truck to turn while towing without the car coming off. This works almost like a Semi truck, and does not affect the turn radius. The trucks speed only decreases a very small amount while towing a 0.5KG heavy car.

I think this will make a fantastic Lego set because currently there is no motorized tow truck. The studfull body may seem strange as it uses Technic chassis and motors, but allows a strong, functional truck with a detailed body. I also think it will make a good Lego set because it could be easily modified to be a pickup or a rollback tow truck. 
Thanks for reading!

Quick note: This model uses official Lego Power Functions electronics. I am only using it because I do not own any Lego Powered Up motors or battery box. When I get the Powered Up system I will remove the outdated Lego Power Functions.

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