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Ultimate UCS Star Wars Stormtrooper


Welcome to my latest project. Here we have a 15 inch tall Ultimate UCS Stormtrooper. I think this would make a great addition to the UCS range so if you agree lets make it happen.

This was a huge challenge due to the height and him staying stable and not falling over. The helmet was hard to achieve due to the unique shape as was some of his body armor. He also has a blaster which can clip on his waist if you don't want him holding it.

He is semi articulate so he can move almost all his joints apart from his thighs, due to the sheer weight of him, I couldn't find a joint to support him without him collapsing, so this way he can stand unaided without the use of any support, which I felt would ruin it. The head/helmet can move at any angle as I used a ball joint. On the upper body the shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers all move. The lower body, the waist is fixed but the knees and ankles turn so he can pose a little.

As for details from the feet up, the shoes were made as slim as possible as chunky feet maybe more stable but not very realistic, the shin armor has a knee guard on one leg which is how it is. The front chest armor, he has all the details including the belt, breast plates, side belt pockets, stomach detailing. Onto the arms, the fingers and thumb are all movable, the upper arm even has moving shoulder pads. The rear back armour has the back plate and the tubular thermal detonator.

Part count coming soon!


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