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Prince of Persia Modular Level Builder

Have you ever dreamed about creating your own level in good old Prince of Persia?
Now You Can! :)

This set allows you to build one screen of the legendary old Prince of Persia video game.

First, you build modules: pieces of walls, columns and traps. Then you can arrange them how you want. At last, you can equip the display with figures and decorations and potions. The last stage is to PLAY.
Jump over dreadful pits full of spikes and skeletons, fight with guards, try to find your way through the dangerous labyrinth of the palace and finally rescue the princess or the prince? :-)

The set contains enough pieces to fill the screen with grey "dungeon" blocks and also pieces to build any golden "palace" setting. Minifigures in the set contain the Prince, Princess, evil Jaffar and two of his guards. And of course, the skeleton from the third level. If you want more, just combine two or more sets and connect the "screens" with technic pins.

This would be a great nostalgic set for everyone remembering the old game and nice building and playing experience for everyone else. Have fun and support ;-)

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