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The Dark Knight-Tumbler(Batmobile)

Another Dark Knight project, this time, the Tumbler. This was also made in the video in my channel 97legomaniac. The video and the model of this was made months ago. Just to let you guys know so nobody thinks I'm "copying there style" video of the Tumbler with Batpod

Not only this is movie-accurate, but it has many functions. Here, the wheels have steering. The flaps on the back section are articulated and the hood can go up. It has head-lights, accurate fin flaps on the front section like in the movie

Side view. You can't really see the windshield very well because of the brightness but if you want to see it very clearly, see the video.

Back view. Double wheels connected to an axle with an black r2d2 lego piece to keep the wheels and the base connected. For the engine thruster, whatever you want to call it, you can add a flame bit to make it go super fast

Lastly, why not have batman riding this awesome thing? This is also accurate to the hot toys tumbler, because it's pretty tricky to fit batman inside because of little space. However, he can fit in perfectly and you can have another minifig with him and it still fits. The hood closes down perfectly without his head sticking out!

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