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Bergamo, Italy

Welcome to Bergamo, my city.
Bergamo is a small city in northern Italy that has a very particular feature: the ancient part of the city (called Cittá Alta, Upper Town) is located on a hill and is divided by the most modern part (called Cittá Bassa, Lower City). The Venetian walls divide the two parts and became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017.

In the lower part there are offices, banks, shops, bars, restaurants while the upper part is rich in history and art with churches, museums, libraries, squares. Walking through its streets you will feel like you are back in the Middle Ages.

Among the various places that characterize Bergamo Alta I have chosen the three most important ones that a tourist cannot fail to appreciate:
- The funicular, which allows you to get to the Upper Town in a short time, offering a breathtaking view.

- Porta San Giacomo which is one of the four access gates to the ancient part of the city and is also the one seen from Lower Town.

- Piazza Vecchia which is the main square of Upper Town where you will find the Palazzo della Ragione and the Campanone, the bell tower symbol of Bergamo.

If you are passionate about history and art, Bergamo is the right place for your next holidays, worldwide health situation permitting.
Made up of over 600 pieces, this city will make a big impression in your home.

Thanks for your vote and for your possible considerations.

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